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That's InterActive is about using the Internet to connect businesses with their customers, and customers with businesses.

The Global Turnaround


With the advent of the 21st Century, many things, especially in the area of technologies, have changed. People’s tastes and the way people do business have also changed. During tough economic times, it becomes even more critical for a business to be able to interact and create a relationship with its customers.

That is why That’s InterActive was started. That’s InterActive’s owners and staff have seen the struggles that many businesses have gone through, and know that there are effective ways to increase sales, even during a tough economy.

In order to achieve its goals, That’s InterActive utilizes the services of two great, highly talented companies: That’s Social and That’s Web Design.

That’s Social specializes in building communication and relationships through the means of Social Media, which could include everything from mobile apps to Internet websites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, just to name a few. That’s Social harnesses the power of social media to establish relationships, boost reputation and increase communications between businesses and the community as a whole.

That’s Web Design harnesses the power of professional presentation by designing and producing professional, effective, and dynamic websites built to the customers’ specifications. That’s Web Design works together with That’s Social to create a well balanced, highly effective marketing campaign.

Together, these two companies create a powerful synergy that boosts brand name recognition, enlarges the client base, improves online reputation, and ultimately increases sales for all sizes and scopes of businesses.

Your company can’t afford not to take advantage of these services.

Contact the sales consultants at That’s InterActive today.

That’s InterActive can help your company grow.


That's InterActive

Could Your Business Use a Boost?

Act now and take advantage of That's InterActive's Internet marketing services to increase your brand recognition, expand your client reach, and generate more sales!

Harness the power of the Internet and its billions of users to attract more attention to your business.

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